Mariapolis Newsletter 3 – 2021

Dear Readers,

A warm welcome to our third edition of Mariapolis Newsletter, which comes to you with a new look and new graphic design. Last April, as you may know, I took on the direction of the Focolare Movement’s Communication Office from Joachim Schwind. From this perspective, I’ve understood the desire of many for an ever-greater sharing and exchange of the life animating the Focolare family in the world and at the centre.

So, starting with this current digital edition (which can be downloaded as a pdf) you’ll find additional exclusive content dedicated specifically to the internal members of the Focolare Movement, such as updates from the General Council, interventions from the President and other material.

The first six months of 2021 have been challenging and intense, starting with the first-ever “online” General Assembly last Februrary and the election of new Focolare President Margaret Karram. There have been numerous other changes in the leadership team at the centre and in the zones. So in this edition we’re publishing the full list of members of the General Council and the delegates of the Movement around the world.

Let me conclude by presenting what I deem essential to my work: the Communications Office team. At the moment there are 12 of us, working at the centre or from other locations, as well as other collaborators around the world. So you’ll see their names alongside mine below, each one with their own specific role and professional expertise, but all animated by the same desire to communicate this extraordinary charism which is being lived out in our time.

We are here for you! We look forward to receiving all the stories, testimonies and news you’d like to communicate. You can contact us by email:

Now I’ll let you get on with reading this edition, which includes an exclusive: extracts from Margaret Karram’s conversation with a group of Bishops Friends of the Focolare Movement on 23 July this year. We look forward to meeting up again at the next LinkUp (Collegamento CH) on Saturday 2 October 2021 at 20:00 Italian time.

Stefania Tanesini with Anna Lisa Innocenti, Lorenzo Russo, Carlos Mana, Maria Grazia Berretta, Maria Laura Hernandez, Laura Torelli, Francesco Baita, Laura Salerno, Malu Peña, Johanna Bos, Carmelita Ventrella

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Mariapolis Newsletter 3 – 2021


  • Grazie per questa pubblicazione online è un ottimo aggiornamento aldilà del cartaceo

  • D’accordissimo su quanto hanno scritto Alvaro e Rosa Inês. Ormai nella marea delle informazioni che ci raggiungono via internet rischiamo di sorvolare le notizie che ci toccano più da vicino. Grazie del vostro lavoro, di mantenere sempre accesa la Fiamma!

  • Fantastica iniziativa. Un bel contributo x rendere la “Famiglia dell’Opera” più famiglia.
    Grazie anche x il senso di sinodalità che questo notiziario trasmette.
    È proprio vero: lo Spirito Santo non smette mai di stupire

  • un immenso grazie a tutti voi per la dedicazione a questa opera dell’Opera così necessaria per una “maggior condivisione e uno scambio della vita che anima la famiglia dei Focolari nel mondo e al centro”. Chiedo lo Spirito Santo per tutti voi e vi sono unita sempre, in Chiara, Rosa Inês

  • Que grande iniciativa! Agora teremos maior oportunidade de estar seguindo as novidades e notícias da Obra, na nossa língua e, alinhado com o progresso midiático. Parabéns e obrigado a todos que pensaram neste projeto.

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