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Here we are with a new edition of Mariapolis, as we continue to celebrate the Christmas Season. Baby Jesus was born in a manger because there was no room for him elsewhere. We wish to welcome him among us today, to be companions along the journey of the neighbours we meet each day.

As we start a new year, it’s a good moment to weigh up how we’ve been living and set ourselves new goals both personally and for our communities. In the linkup of 27 November 2021, one phrase in particular came to light: “slow down”. What does this mean for us?

To reduce the intensity of our actions, for sure, and maybe tone them down in some way. In that linkup, Margaret Karram, President of the Focolare Movement, explained it like this, I have to say that for some time now, hearing all that we are experiencing in this period, I

have this great desire to say to everyone: let's slow down, let's stop, but not in the sense of standing still, but let's stop to take stock and see how to take care, how to take care of our relationship with God first of all to live a life consistent with the Gospel. Let us think how we can live without always rushing, so that we can listen to people who suffer, who need our help, who need our time.

So, I would really like this invitation to reach everyone, that we can truly say: let’s sink down

into the present to live this care really well together, together with everyone in the world, because

if we do not do this, we will continue to run, run, run, and run and we will miss many opportunities.

In this edition of Mariapolis, as well as the stories, testimonies and life of Focolare communities around the world, we include a gift poster by the artist and sculptor Walter Kostner, encouraging us to care for the environment in the spirit of the “pathways” towards a united world, this year dedicated to “dare to care”.

Happy reading, as we all find ways to “slow down” in order to take care of each other and society, and in particular of those who “have no place”.

The Communications Office Team


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