EcoOne – International Network of people working in Ecology and Conservation

‘EcoOne’ is a cultural initiative promoted and supported by lecturers, researchers and professionals working in the Environmental Sciences sector, united by the wish to enrich their own scientific knowledge with an approach to environmental issues that takes account of human values and wisdom.Aims

EcoOne is an international network of people working in the field of Ecology and Conservation. It consists of men and women of every age, culture and religion, with a solution-focused approach to environmental questions.

Their research is well rooted in religious and social thinking regarding guardianship, responsibility and sustainability that in turn influences planning and action on environmental issues.


EcoOne’s research programme re-visits the fundamental questions that we should ask before proposing practical solutions to today’s ecological problems. For example the programme re-evaluates the contemporary relationship between human beings and nature and seeks to have a new understanding of our interdependence.

This isn’t just a scientific, but also a cultural exercise which encourages members of EcoOne to think broadly into the spheres of religion, history and tradition. By bringing together these elements, participants hope to get a new perspective on environmental issues through the richness and experience of philosophy, religion and art.



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