Diocesan Movement

MovimentoDiocesano2014The purpose of the Diocesan Movement is to bring the charism of unity to inside the diocese.
This Movement is composed of persons who belong to the Work of Mary and try to contribute to the renewal of the life of the structures of the diocese, promoting and nourishing an every deeper unity of the faithful around their Bishop, raising relationships of brotherhood and communion among everyone and promoting dialogue between the different entities that already exist within the diocese.

Like everything other expression of the Focolare Movement, this movement imerged from life. The Diocesan Movement began in Ascoli, Italy in 1973, with the youth school camps that were animated by a priest focolarino, who was involved in the pastoral care of the youth in his diocese. The positive feedback of the days spent in an atmosphere of great joy reached the ears of the bishop of Ascoli, Bishop Morgante, who, impressed by the life he found there, encouraged them to go forward with it.

The experience then repeated itself in the diocese of Teramo in April of 1976 where the first school camp also received the official approval of the Bishop of the locality, Bishop Conigli.

The most important work of the Diocesan Movement is the formation of persons who live and are able to transmit the spirituality of communion to the parish and diocesan communities, looking forward to the realization of the Church-communion of which the Second Vatican Council and more recent Church documents have spoken.

During the next years it spread to another four Italian diocese. At present, the Diocesan Movement is present in six Italian diocese: Ascoli, Teramo, Fermo, Macerata, Pesaro, and Perugia.


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