This was one of the initiatives which Pope John Paul II referred to this year, on Pentecost Sunday, when he recalled the momentous meeting held in St Peter’s Square on the eve of Pentecost ’98.
He said: “The Pentecost ‘98 meeting has produced invaluable fruits. It has given rise to a great number of initiatives aimed at nurturing a sense of communion within the movements and ecclesial communities, and at increasing collaboration among them, with the local Church and with the parishes.” The Pope added that he “thanked the Lord for this promising springtime in the Church, so rich in hope.”

Since this great event held last year in St Peter’s Square, a network of relationships between founders and leaders of some of the more important ecclesial movements has been established. The meeting opened with a message from the Holy Father, read by Bishop S. Rylko, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

The “Speyer ‘99” Meeting provided the opportunity to strengthen these relationships and to deepen mutual understanding.

Chiara and Mons Rylko
Some of the themes focussed on were, for example, the movements in the history of the Church, the new Pentecost in action, the new page opened by the Pope regarding the co-essentiality of charisms and institution in the Church. Also discussed were the initiatives of communion and collaboration undertaken to date, and the fruits derived from such actions, while future projects were launched. Present also at the convention was Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, President of the Council of European Episcopal Conference.
The Focolare Movement, the St Egidio Community and Catholic Charismatic Renewal were joint promoters of the convention.

Andrea Riccardi (St. Egidio) and Salvatore Martinez (Catholic Charismatic Renewal)


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