“Brotherhood as a political category is the most innovative answer to the tensions and conflicts in the world today, both in individual states as well as local administrations,” a key passage from the message Chiara Lubich launched from Rimini where she was invited by Mayor Alberto Ravioli.
The city and provincial administrators desired that this message take off from their city, which is a capitol of tourism and hospitality, cosmopolitan by tradition.

Rimini’s congress building was filled with more than 5000 people, including many youths, on June 22. Present were around 40 politicians: mayors and members of parliament as well as Bishop Mariano De Nicolò. Introducing Chiara Lubich, Sergio Zavoli highlighted how the wealth of her interior charisma has incarnated into a system of values for everyday reality as well as for the political sphere. He called her a “witness and protagonist of a new, reasoned out, hope”.

Hope was well expressed by the Founder of the Focolari in her message which centered on “Brotherhood and peace for the unity of people”. Three words she defined as “tremendously pertinent today after they paradoxically emerged in many people’s minds as an absolute necessity in the aftermath of the Sept. 11th tragedy.” She recalled the “many networks which are already working to connect peoples, cultures and diversities” thanks to the ecclesial communities growing not only in Europe, but all over the world.

Chiara called the “Movement of Unity”, comprised of politicians who take on brotherhood as a political category, a concrete example. Emanating from the Focolari in 1996, the “Movement of Unity”, she said, is “not a new party, but a vehicle for a new political praxis and culture.” Members of the majority are enabled to dialogue with the opposition, for example. “Those in government recognize the positive contributions of the opposition which helps them exercise their governmental control. Opposition is channeled through a criticism that is constructive and tends to correct and improve the functioning of government instead of obstructing it. This favors the search for the best solutions for the community, the well-being of which can only be fully guaranteed if both the government and the opposition are allowed to exercise their proper role.” She noted such striking political results as those seen in the opposing factions of Northern Ireland”.
She cited the imbalance between the rich and poor nations as a fundamental cause for terrorism, “an imbalance that cries out for a greater sharing of wealth. But such a response is impossible until humanity is overtaken by an ardent desire for, and commitment to, universal brotherhood”.

Prof. Stefano Zamagni then presented the ’Economy of communion’ project, calling it a new economic paradigm. Launched by Chiara Lubich over ten years ago, today it inspires more than 750 companies throughout the world. A presentation of the business park soon to be realized near the Loppiano Citadel followed.
Jorge Braga De Macedo, President of the United Nations Economic Cooperation and Development Organization called it an “important proposal for economists working for development in the world’s poorest nations”.
In an interview with Città Nuova, Mayor Ravioli said, “Today Chiara showed us – and Rimini is proud to have launched this message – that new instruments are necessary. The Economy of Communion together with brotherhood and unity among peoples are new instruments. They are concrete steps towards peace and unity.”

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