Including the needy in the family budget

«Sitting down to balance the monthly expenses has never been a pleasant task in our family, not until we understood that even here, it was important for us to reach a common agreement. This was how the topic of “money” acquired a family character. Aside from allotting amounts for food, rent, etc. in our budget, we also agreed to set aside a sum of money to give to people in need.

One month, there was no way to fit this sum in because the “expenses” column was much longer than the “income” column. We felt especially bad because just a few days before, we had watched a TV program about children who were dying of hunger. Our two children, who saw the entire broadcast, came with what little they had, small sums received from their grandparents or savings from their weekly allowance.

When their grandmother came to visit, the children told her what they had done. “What!” she exclaimed, obviously puzzled. “Why should you help others when you are not rich yourselves?” Our youngest was the first to respond: “But Grandma, at least we eat three meals a day!”

A few days later their grandmother arrived with an envelop of money in hand. “I realized I had something extra I could share,” she explained. “After all, I eat three meals a day, too!”»

(L.R. – Italy)

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