The Cross and the Synagogue – Jews and Christians in Confrontation

The history of Jewish-Christian relationships is a painful one, made up of centuries of violence and defamation. Only a few decades ago have “elder” and “younger” brothers started to look at each other in the eye and speak to one another. While supporters of dialogue are growing in number among the Jews, Christians are recognizing the Jewish roots of their faith with growing conviction.

In Brunori’s book, leading exponents of Judaism and Catholicism share their views with readers as they answer a reporter’s questions about such pressing issues as the role of Pius XII during the Jewish persecution, the figure of John Paul II (considered by the Jews as the best Pope in 20 centuries of Christianity), and the legacy he has left in the hands of his successor Benedict XVI. Other topics dealt with are: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the spread of terrorism and the resurgence of antisemitism, as well as the initiatives and hopes of those who are committed to dialogue and who believe that, finally, open relationships, free of prejudice, are possible.

Jack Bemporad, Riccardo Di Segni, Xavier Echevarria, Rino Fisichella, Innocenzo Gargano, Ada Janes, Leone Jehuda Kalon, Giuseppe Laras, Chiara Lubich, Amos Luzzatto, David Meghnagi, Jorge Maria Mejía, David Rosen, Manuela Sadun Paggi, Joseph Sievers, Ambrogio Spreafico, Elio Toaff, Maria Vingiani.

La Croce e la Sinagoga
Ebrei e cristiani a confronto

edited by Giovan Battista Brunori
Franco Angeli Editore

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