Love is a better law

Beyond the legal framework within which we live, love is the highest measure of justice, and resolves problems that appear to have no solution.

As a lawyer, I often have to use my professional skills in the service of others, while offering as much love as possible. This way of understanding and of carrying out my job often produces a deep change in others.

One day a lady phoned me, because her daughter had decided, after an argument, to separate from her husband. Her partner had found a lawyer who within 24 hours had prepared all the documentation for a legal separation; it only needed the wife’s signature. The lady was worried and asked me if I could help. She knew that the young couple’s action was a result of momentary anger, and didn’t want this to ruin their future.

Without a mandate from either partner, I couldn’t intervene. The lady asked me, however, to see her daughter, who she would send to me with the excuse of seeking advice from a lawyer.

I listened for a long time to the young wife, and realised that the marriage could be saved. They really had acted on impulse without thinking of the consequences, and one signature on the petition would probably mean the end of their relationship. At the end of the conversation the woman asked me to represent her.

So I phoned the colleague who had prepared the petition. I told him that before finalising a separation I usually try to find out the reasons for the crisis in the marriage, and that 24 hours were not enough. I got him to send the draft of the petition. After a few days I called the woman. She replied that both she and he husband had had second thoughts and had decided not to go ahead. Recently I heard that they now have two beautiful children.


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