The lived gospel “radiates light”

These are some fruits of the Word. All the fruits listed here, however, have their origin in the same truth. The Word of life, as we know, is unlike other words. It can not only be heard, it has the power to accomplish what it says. The Word, a presence of Christ, generates Christ in our soul and in the souls of others.

It is true: if we are Christians, then even before living the Word with commitment, Christ’s life is within us and with it we undoubtedly have the light of God, and love too. Regrettably they are often hidden, as if in a chrysalis.

By living the Gospel, love radiates light and with the light, love grows: the chrysalis begins to move, and finally the butterfly emerges. The butterfly is the tiny Christ who begins to dwell in us and grow more and more… so that we are increasingly filled with him.

There is a marvellous description by Paul VI of what the Word produces:How is Christ present in a person’s soul? Through the vehicle and the communication of the Word (…) the divine thought passes, the Word passes, the Son of God made Man. We could say that the Lord becomes incarnate within us, when we allow His Word (…) to live within us.”


From: Vivere. La Parola che rinnova – Città Nuova Editrice, Roma 2008


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