An audience with the Holy Father

‘A very special and intense occasion … which has left a deep joy in our hearts’, this was Maria Voce’s comment immediately after her meeting with the Holy Father on Friday 23 April last.

Coming back from a long journey which took her to various Asian countries to meet the communities of the Movement, also in an inter-religious context, the President of the Focolare told the Pope everything that had happened in contact with these different cultures where the Gospel is becoming a hope for many.

They spoke about many subjects regarding the life of the Movement during the audience, including the forthcoming beatification of the young girl Chiara Luce.

There are 17 causes for beatification for members of the Movement underway at present, including the one for Igino Giordani who was a writer and politician.

The Pope gave his blessing at the end of the audience, with the invitation to extend it together with his greetings to the whole of the Movement.


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