The opening of UWW 2010 took place in Hungary

Esztergom, a city on the border between Hungary and the Slovak Republic. It was in this city that took place the official opening of the 2010 United World Week with a live Internet connection that linked up youth from all over the World. From this city it was broadcasted the peace and brotherhood message that will be leading the week. The conclusion will be the 9th of May with an on line live connection from Mumbay, India.

Just by scrolling the United World Week blog you can see the capillarity and the internationality of this event: Haiti, Santiago de Chile, Los Angeles, Londrina, Paraná in Brazil, Man and Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, Buenos Aires, Asunción, Lisbn, Bruxelles and many Italian cities.

Back to Hungary. Why Esztergom? The Youth for a United World from Hungary and the Slovak Republic chose a common aim: to build bridges of brotherhood between their countries. They said : ”In the last decades, both our peoples -where minorities live- have faced challenges and difficulties do to coexistence. This circumstances have generated prejudices which are difficult to overcome. Togethere, we want to face the reality and take the needed steps to place ourselves in each others shoes”.

A bridge, a symbol: During the years many have been the approaching initiatives. For example in 2001 it was reconstructed and inaugurated a long time closed-down bridge between Esztergom (Hungary) and Sturovo (Slovack Republic). In 2006, the two Bishop Conferences met for a Reconciliation event between the two countries in the Basil of Esztergom and every year they renew the gesture. In 2005, during Run4unity (a world relay race for Peace) hundreds of Hungarian and Slovak youngsters crossed running that same bridge as a sign of brotherhood.

A tree, another symbol: A tree will be planted together with the Civil authorities of Esztergom and Sturovo -the two protagonist cities of the opening day of the United World Week- as a sign of growing brotherhood between the two nations.

The daily challenge: Many are the youngsters who daily commit to this challenge of brotherhood. Listen to their experiences live on the Internet:

“The Esztergom – Štúrovo bridge and a view of Slovakia (c) 2008 Martin Q – Used with permission –”

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