Maria Voce in France: Visit to Toulouse

Before leaving Lourdes, for Toulouse, Maria Voce shared a few reflections: "We wanted to begin this visit to France, in Lourdes; we wouldn’t have had it any other way. And Mary, Seat of Wisdom, invited us to look at all the miracles happening around us, not only physical healings but also the people who are returning to God, and the small conversions in our own lives. Who knows how many miracles we’ll witness during this trip? But, like Mary at the Visitation, we need to wait a bit still. The seed is planted and so it will sprout. »

In Toulouse she met about 120 members of the Focolare Movement who were able to be free from work on a Wednesday afternoon. She was given a warm and festive welcome. There was a quick presentation of the groups present. So much diversity! As some of the historical, sociological, and religious background was presented, a  portrait of the region was gradually formed that gave a good idea of the place and its people. Then Maria Voce and Giancarlo Faletti answered a few questions. For example: "How might we love the people who have fallen out of contact with us?" Love without expecting anything in return, not even recognition from people . . . . but God always responds.

After an intense meeting of two hours the time came to say goodbye.
(Compiled by  Jean-Marie Dessaivre, our translation)

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