One of the families I had been working with had broken the rules of the homeless shelter, and we had to then take the next step according to the policy and dismiss this family from the program. It wasn’t easy, since children were involved, and we had to find a place where they could go. The mother spoke with the director of the agency, who didn’t know all the facts, and he decided to allow the family to stay longer. I was upset at the way our work was undercut so I sent an email to the director stating my disappointment and justifying our position.

That night, remembering the Scripture sentence we were trying to live, I understood that I had to be led by the Spirit. I had to go beyond mere professionalism, and love the director by listening to his opinion.

The next day I apologized to him. As we talked the problem through, we found a way to proceed better with our work. Our dialogue was restored.

— A. S., Texas

Source: Living City, February 2011

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