Brotherhood, the importance of dialogue, care for the least fortunate, the urgent need of legality. Chiara’s third anniversary, was the chance for the Italian Focolare communities to approach topics close to all Italian’s hearts in the light of the Spirituality of Communion.

In Brescia, for example, the founder of the Focolare Movement was commemorated with a round table discussion entitled “Chiara Lubich, a life for unity. The challenge of brotherhood”. In Milan, Archbishop Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi celebrated mass in the Basilica of Sant’Amrogio. All of the major cities in the Lombardy region remembered Chiara in this third anniversary of her departure for Heaven.

Rome paid tribute to Lubich by highlighting the pathways to dialogue opened by her Charism. “Chiara Lubich, a woman in dialogue. Inspiration for dialogue between religions and within the arena of contemporary culture”- this was the title of a meeting held in the prestigious “Palazzo della Cancelleria”, or Palace of the Chancellery. Two female speakers gave talks at the event: Lisa Palmieri form the American Jewish Committee and Shahrzad Houshmand professor of Islamic Studies at the Gregorian University.

Concerts, masses, book launches, thematic meetings, even a guided tour to discover “Chiara’s Rome” given by Oreste Paliotti. The Italian capital thus paid tribute to Chiara with a full programme in venues throughout the city. “This programme of events marking three years of Chiara’s passing”; the promoters of the events explained, “aims at underlining and highlighting the life of the Focolare’s Roman community, widespread in the most diverse environments of each municipality and neighbourhood in the city” (

In the central Italian regions of Abruzzo and Sardinia the events organised for the occasion were numerous and widespread. In Lazio there were 18 events in remembrance of Chiara: from Poggio Mirteto and Tuscania right up to the Roman coast there were masses, community meetings, book launches, thematic roundtable discussions throughout the provinces as well as in its town centres.

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