Chiara Luce Badano: Holiness 2.0

One year has gone by since her beatification, attended by more than twenty-thousand young people who travelled to Rome for the occasion, and viewed by many more youths around the world via internet. .

The powerful testimony of Chiara Luce Badano, the Gen from Genoa, Italy, who the Church declared blessed, seems to have made holiness fashionable again. Her “nineteen years full of life and love and faith,” (Pope Benedict XVI), awakens in youth and adults alike the desire to spend their lives for something great. They discover that holiness can be lived in daily life.

Chiara Luce has shown us that we can also love always and unconditionally.” This was said by a Brazilian youth during one of the many evening presentations of the “Life Love Light” Musical which are spreading around the world: from Italy to Spain – during the WYD – and in other European countries; from the Middle East to Asia; reaching the Americas, Australia and many African countries.

Her parents, Maria Teresa and Ruggero Badano have received numerous invitations to share their story. Everyone feels a living relationship with Chiara Luce Badano who is still alive. But, as one youth explains very well: “Chiara Luce has taught me something very powerful: I can’t become a saint on my own, we need to become saints together.”

And Chiara Lubich, foundress of the Focolare spoke the following words when she presented the young blessed: “The final goal of the Focolare Movement is to cooperate with the Church in realizing the testament of Jesus, ‘that all be one.’ While she was still a small child, Chiara Luce already discovered that sufferings are like precious pearls that can be gathered throughout each day. Therefore, she lived her life with Jesus and with Him she transformed her passion into a wedding song. Yes, Chiara Luce is a fulfilled Gen, a modern living testimony of our Ideal which came to maturity in her when she was 18 years old.”

Her story is being spared using every means: over 30,000 copies of the book “Io ho tutto” and over 15,000 copies of “Dai tetti in giù” already translated in several languages. Then there are thousands of DVD and musical CD’s about her life and beatification.

But it is mostly the internet that shows how many people know here, or discover her in unimaginable ways and want to live like her. Her Facebook page has numerous fans who share, post comments, photos.

The “Life Love Light” website has become a reference point for many people to share their personal discovery of the reason for Chiara Luce’s life and the happiness that she expressed with her dying words: “Mamma, goodbye. Be glad, because I’m happy.”

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