“The notice gives me joy and I feel honoured by the trust shown by the Pope and the Pontifical Council. This nomination commits me to ensure that my life and that of all those linked to me in the Focolare Movement is evangelised and therefore evangelising. I am aware that many will never have the opportunity to read the Gospel if not through our life.”

This is what Maria Voce declared on the announcement of her nomination, which arrived on the 7th December, anniversary of the date that historically indicates the birth of the Focolare Movement in 1943.

The purpose of the council is to “promote a renewed evangelisation in the countries where the first announcement of the faith has already been heard, and there are present churches of ancient foundation, but they are living in progressive secularisation of their society and a sort of “eclipse of the sense of God”, that constitute a challenge to find adequate means to reannounce the everlasting truth of the Gospel of Christ.”

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