Marisa has left us

In these moments of pain and dismay, we would like to assure our heartfelt closeness to the relatives and all those who, in these years, experienced Marisa’s friendship and the warm welcoming attitude she always had for everyone.

Marisa Baù, born on May 12th, 1963 in Asiago (Vicenza/Italy), second-last child of eight siblings, lost her mother at 15 years of age and she did her utmost to look after her siblings who were still at home. She was hard-working and creative and after two years of working in a factory, together with two ex-colleagues, she started up a small garment industry.

She met the spirituality of the Focolare Movement in 1980, adhering to it with readiness and generosity. She felt her vocation to consecrate herself to God as a focolarina and left her family in 1991, going first to the focolare of Padua, where she concluded her studies in accounting, and in 1992 to the international little town of Loppiano (Florence/Italy), always maintaining a close bond with all her relatives.

After the period of formation Marisa went to the Focolare Centre of Montet (Broye), Switzerland, where she worked in the atelier of children’s clothes. She was in charge of the production section since 1994. In 1998, because of her human and spiritual gifts, she assumed the task of educator of the Focolare Centre.

Marisa had a creative and strong personality and was esteemed by everyone for the quality of her relationships, her sense of responsibility and her altruism.

During these years, Marisa met and was fond of many people. This is proven by the shower of messages which have arrived from all over the world on the social networks: “She has also left us, she who gave so much to others and will continue to give from Up there!”; “So much sadness… we can only pray for her, her family and all those in Montet… I knew Marisa and what I will always remember is her smile!”; “Marisa is very special to me. She is a part of my story!”.

The mother of a focolarina writes: “I anxiously followed the whole story, identifying myself with Marisa’s family… I will always pray for her and for all the focolarine of the world.” And a person who worked with her: “I am with you in this suffering, I pray especially for her family, feel me close to all of you. I worked for three years with her in Montet and I thank God for every minute we spent together”.

We want to remember her as «A marvellous person – these are the words of Marithé Vuigner who is co-responsible of the Focolare Centre of Montet –, always ready to welcome the other(s). A person you could always count on, pleasant and delicate. She had very strong ties with her wonderful and numerous family.»

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