Sophia University Istitute: the new web portal goes online

Four years after opening, Sophia University Institute (Loppiano, near Florence) has renewed the graphics and the contents of its website.

With the recent development of its educational programmes and the introduction of new specializations (there are three new courses: in political science, economy and management, and trinitarian ontology), the site now reflects Sophia’s objectives better: to offer today’s women and men the tools to understand and contribute to rewriting the complexity of the present world.

‘We wanted to create a platform that communicates in the clearest way possible what we do at Sophia,’  explains José Luis Bomfim, the Brazilian designer responsible for the project. ‘The pages we’ve created are cleaner and we try to give more accessible information so that the user can navigate more easily and find richer content, and to give more tools for keeping up-to-date with the main events organized by the Institute. We’ve also upgraded its integration with Facebook and Twitter.’

What’s new. Among the various new things there is a Media Gallery with more videos and images that describe the life of the Institute better and a page of News and Events that soon will offer online registration and the chance to receive an email reminder of an appointment on the following day. There will also be the possibility of downloading the events calendar via Google Calendar and the like.

A lot of space is given to the academic programme and to the stories of students and ex-students (using multimedia applications) so that it is easier to understand what is special about Sophia as an experience of study and of life.

A page has also been given to the new synergy with the publishing house Città Nuova. It is possible to foresee the digital version of the Review Sophia as well as several series of books co-published by the Institute and the publishing house which will be on sale online via Città Nuova’s website.

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