Why are you participating in the Genfest?

Leandro: “It has always been my dream to participate at the Genfest. Finally, this dream can become a reality. I wish to make history and say: I was there too”.

Paola: “I am convinced that it will be the tip of the iceberg of much life! Not a spot, but the expression of what is already there: a jigsaw puzzle of lives, very powerful, that will make me remember that I am not alone and will give all courage to continue to build a more  united world ”.

Máté: “I got married last summer with Klari. The Genfest will be a special occasion to live also as a couple, together with many other youths and be a gift to each othe”.

What does the title “Let’s Bridge” mean to you?


Leandro: “The building of relationships, channels of communication. It urges and puts in motion all the means that I have towards establishing a relationship, towards the other”.

Paola: “powerful motion, endurance and hope!”

Máté: “A bridge is very large and very difficult to build. This title urges me not to be afraid of difficulties: if I want to love and do my part, God will help me, like a supernatural professional engineer!”

There are 2 months to go to the Genfest: how are you preparing for it and with whom will you attend?


Leandro: “During the Mass I ask God that all may be well, even in the preparations. We will be around 185 from the region of San Paolo”.

Paola: “They are the most intense months, and my commitment is to not let any day pass without my speaking to someone about the Genfest and praying for it. I keep in mind however that the Genfest is not the aim. The objective is not to “make numbers”. Our priority is to love and love together…anyway it is the characteristic of our life as Gen”.

Máté: “ I am preparing by seeking to love everyone, beginning by those close to me: Klari, my colleagues at work, my friends of the basketball team…”.

What will be your survival kit on the days of the Genfest?

Leandro: “Haversack, photo camera, something to eat, my mobile phone connected to the social networks, ( I want to tell everyone that I am at a meeting like this!) And many bottles of water!”

Paola: “Well, I have not thought about this, yet!! I think that the understanding between all those with whom we have worked during these months to prepare for the Genfest, will be worth much more than a lot of words! Chiara Lubich used to say that nothing valid is built without sacrifice; and the memory of the days lived preparing together will help us when the moments of doubt arrive, and they will be our guarantee that we are all linked together”.

Extracts from the interview published in the special edition of the Gen Journal no. 5-6, May-June 2012

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