Living Evangelisation: Three Minute Reflections on Faith

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, Joan Mueller challenges readers to evangelize the modern world by the way they live. As St. Francis said, “Preach at all times. When necessary, use words.” Guided by Benedict XVI’s anniversary letter, Door of Faith, Dr. Mueller offers scriptural reflections on the gift of faith, faith conversion, Mary as a model of faith, and living evangelization. Each daily scripture reading is accompanied by a short reflection and spiritual practice intended to fortify our choice of faith in each moment and circumstance of our lives. This small book is a perfect tool for parishes and individuals who wish to respond to the church’s call to rediscover God as Love, to cultivate a taste for feeding ourselves on the Word of God, and to be the joy that transforms the world.

    • “This book invites you to face the faith question in your life in a new and refreshing way. With every reflection, Sister Joan draws you into a deeper understanding of the demands of living your faith authentically. Her insightful reflections and disarming questions are a must-read for all who are sincere of faith, searching in faith, struggling with faith, or enthusiastic about sharing their faith.”

Father Harry Buse, Pastor, St. Leo the Great Parish, Omaha, NE

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