Announcing that God loves us

«We know that God-Love is a truth of our faith, and a very timely reality. In our world today, God seems to be far off and people even reach the point of speaking of the death of God. What could be healthier and more awaited by this humanity around us – including the one that calls itself “Christian,” but isn’t completely so – than to open her up, with the help of the Spirit, to this revelation: God is close to everyone with His love, and He ardently loves each one of us?

What could be more important than to tell this humanity that every circumstance speaks of this love?  To make them understand that we should feel enveloped by this love, even when everything would make us think otherwise?

To announce to them that nothing escapes Him, who counts even the hairs of our head? …

Our world needs this announcement: that God is Love, that God loves you, God loves you immensely!

Thousands of people have done it by now, they have announced it, they’ve said it in the train, at school, at home, in the stores; whenever they had the opportunity they said: “Look, remember that God loves you.”

The effects were extraordinary, the people got a shock, precisely like when the apostles proclaimed: “Christ is risen.” “What? Risen?”

Tell these people, say it with conviction: “God is Love and God loves you immensely!” This will start a revolution.»

Chiara Lubich, “Dio Amore”, Ed. Città Nuova, Roma, 2011, pagg. 86-87.

Chiara Lubich, “Dio Amore”, Ed. Città Nuova, Roma, 2000, pag. 87-88.


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