First Doctorate at Sophia

Paolo Frizzi, a history graduate from the University of Padua, has now become the first candidate to receive a doctorate degree at Sophia University Institute of Loppiano, in “Foundations and perspectives of a culture of unity”.

The topic is a demanding one: “Christianity and religions in the 1900’s: The intuitions and the matter of Chiara Lubich. History, Theology, Society”. The doctorate delves into the interreligious experience of the Focolare founder, offering an initial reading of what was brought about thanks to her charism of communion.

The young academic institute of the Focolare Movement has not only offered a novel topic, but also a novel way of working which, faithful to the spirit of IUS, takes an interdisciplinary approach, linking theology, history and dialogue among the religions.

These are the keys to understanding what the doctoral student who, like Chiara Lubich is from Trent, has used to examine a century of history and socio-political events, along with philosophical-theological reflection, tracking their internal relationships that Chiara and the Focolare with her, have established on the various continents with people of different faiths.

Within these processes of transformation, the figure of Chiara Lubich emerges precisely as that of a prophet who is able to join spirituality, dialogue and thought. It is a proposal that is still to be discovered that the work of Frizzi has opened to further studies.

And so IUS has its first doctor in “foundations and prospectives of a culture of unity”. It is a milestone. Last 7 November is a day that will be remembered as a step forward for IUS, foward in an academic and intellectual challenge that was desired by Chiara Lubich before she left this earth.

Source: Roberto Catalano on Città Nuova online

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