With interactive presentations and designed to be fast, the new website of Mariapolis Lia, the Focolare little town in the midst of the Argentine Pampas, looks completely fresh.

The new layout allows anyone browsing the site to find out about what is happening in the little town, its programmes and its various activities. The photo galleries are constantly updated and allow a virtual visit everywhere in the Mariapolis.

The menus open up to show the little town’s origins, its various schools where people come to experience gospel life 24 hours a day, its workplaces, resistances and the Economy of Communion project in the industrial area at beginning of the town called ‘Solidaridad’.

Part of the website is dedicated to the numerous groups who visit during the year. It has photos, accounts of people’s impressions and testimonies of what they have experienced, during their time at the Mariapolis, of the law of mutual love.

Last April, a Focolare audio-visual group (Centro Santa Chiara) made a video documentary about the little town, its development and numerous activities. It has interviews with the people who live in the Mariapolis, among whom are many young people from various countries who come to spend shorter or longer periods at there. The documentary is accompanied by a photo brochure and leaflet explaining in greater depth this ‘miracle occurring the midst of the Argentine Pampas’.

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