Relaunching of the “Time Out” for peace

Maria Voce launched the Time Out to the 350 Focolare youth who had gathered from several countries at Castel Gandolfo, Rome, to become the bearers of peace in the world. Encouraged by the news that was arriving from several members of the Focolare in the Middle East, Maria Voce told the audience of her idea.

In the face of “these absurd wars it is only God who can meet the longing for peace that is found in humankind. It would take a truly strong and powerful prayer,” “with a renewed faith that God could do it, that if we were to ask Him in unity, God would come to meet us in our need.”

The proposal: “Why not re-establish the midday Time Out? Chiara Lubich had launched this prayer,” Maria Voce went on to explain, “during the Gulf War in 1991 and, back then God listened to that prayer that came from everyone.”

Let us again take up the practice of the Time Out, with young people on the front lines. “Jesus is called the Prince of Peace,” Maria Voce concluded as she asked Him to give to humankind “that true peace, which would allow everyone – from whatever faith, social condition or country, to live their lives in serenity; that they would share this gift of Peace with all people.”

Young people have already begun to spread the news through the social networks, and have created the Time Out for Peace page on Facebook.

The appointment is for noontime, in each of our cities, asking in unity for the gift of peace.


  • Cari tutti, care tutte, il Time Out non è mai stato interrotto nella scuola dove lavoro. Ogni giorno alle 12.00 suona la campanella, tutto si ferma. Tutto riparte alle 12.01, ancora con la campanella programmata. Accade nella scuola primaria “Lorenzo Calabrese” di San Vito al Mantico, Bussolengo, Verona.

  • Grazie, io l ‘ho sempre continuato a farlo alle 12,00 e a scuola, quando insegnavo, a quell ‘ ora si pregava per la pace nel mondo facendo un minuto di silenzio e ognuno nella proprio lingua invocava la pace universale! Ieri, mi sono ricordata di questo evento quando una focolarina mi dava la notizia della andata in cielo della sua mamma …

  • Il time out per la pace è bellissimo!!! Noi siamo le classi 4° e 5° della scuola primaria di Pieve di Coriano (MN) in Italia. Siamo i fantastici 14! Ci crediamo anche noi nella pace!

  • En Querétaro, México, pediremos por la paz, en la escuela en que trabajo se estarán preparando actividades relacionadas para cerrar el 31 de enero con un evento por el día internacional de la paz, así que propongo en mi sección de preescolar, hacer el Time Out a mediodía.

  • También yo me quiero comprometer en hacer este Time Out, Pido por la Paz en el Mundo, y para ello, además de sacar ese minuto de oración al día, le pido a Dios obtenerla en mí para después lograr darla a los demás donde quiera que esté, cada día. Porque como dice el Papa:” El hombre está hecho para la paz, que es un don de Dios”.


  • Hola! Soy un Mèdico desde hoy me comprometo desde la clìnica donde laboro realizar el time out. Una red de Oraciòn potente porque se hace en Unidad.

  • Today in Damascus the snow has covered the city and the mountains arround! may it be a sign from Heaven of peace coming soon.
    here we are commited in praying the time out at 1pm. let us ask the Lord to inspire the political leaders to agree into a ceasefire and accept to dialogue.

    Pascal Bedros

  • COUNT ME IN AT NOON…..NEW YORK TIME….AT 75 years, I am glad to unite with the youth for PEACE. THANK YOU FOR RESTARTING THIS TIME. ALL MY UNITY, Susan

  • It truly gives us great joy to have the “Time-Out for Peace” re-launched. In our world today, conflicts exist between nations, groups of people and even among individuals. With this, we must defend and promote peace. Besides the Time-Out, we ourselves must establish peace within our neighbors. Besides prayer, living the Word of Life for this month will surely restore the peace that the world thirsts. Let us entrust everything to our Peace, God!

  • Kailangan natin ito! Samasama nating gawin kasama na rin si Chiara at lahat sa langit. Gagawin ko at ikakalat sa lahat ng maaari upang ang dasal na ito sa ngalan ni Hesus na “Principe ng Kapayapaan”, kapayapaan na DNA sa puso ng lahat ng tao ay maging katotohanan!

  • Também eu me uno a todos vocês e a todos do mundo, pedindo o dom da paz!! Comprometo-me a vivê-la no meu dia a dia e que Ele a faça crescer no coração de cada homem!

  • ok riprendo con fede la pratica del Time Out for peace, perché si arrivi a quella condizione…. “che permetta a tutti, di qualsiasi fede, condizione, Paese, di vivere serenamente la vita; ….”

  • Me parece una muy buena idea relanzar el time Out,me agregare a la lista de los que rezamos por la Paz y agradecemos a dios su Intervención para cambiar el corazón de los hombres.

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