Maria Voce in kangaroo land

Following the visit to the Focolare communities in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, the visit of Maria Voce and Gicancarlo Faletti now continues in Oceania.

In the first phase of their journey that began on 22 January 2013 and ends on 31 January 2013, several appointments are planned in Melbourne with men and women focolarini for their annual retreat and with who are close to the Focolare in Australia and in the Islands. There there will also be a lively presence of young people  with several acitivities just for them on(26-27 January. Thern there is an encounter with a group of Australian bishops and priests on 20 January.

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  • Ciao Emmaus!
    Siamo le gen3 della Liguria, stamattina abbiamo fatto un viaggio in Australia con te grazie alle tue foto.
    Stiamo per cominciare il nostro incontro speriamo che il tuo incontro con i giovani sia andato bene!
    Noi, come il canguro, andiamo sempre avanti!
    Un grosso bacio e abbraccio!

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