Korea, a question of peace

Behind the Korean peninsula’s crisis there are profound political questions and delicate power relations. The crisis between North and South Korea and the threats to attack the USA with a North Korean nuclear warhead have generate tensions locally and throughout the world.

How are we living these days of tension because the threats from North Korea?’ say Sok In (Alberto) Kim and Won Ju (Maris) Moon who are responsible for the Focolare Movement in Korea. ‘We are praying in a special way for politicians on both sides and for all the countries involved, asking that may have the light and the strength to act according to conscience. And for us it is a chance to live out love for our neighbour with greater intensity.’ They also say, ‘We are full of trust, sure that good will always triumph’ and that they do everything with ‘the hope that a stable peace will return as soon as possible.’

They have been encouraged by a message sent by Maria Voce who is following the situation of Korea and adjacent countries with particular attentiveness. She has assured the Focolare community of her closeness in spirit. ‘I hold you, together with the Korean people, in my prayer and in my heart. Together let us renew our faith in the Father’s love.’

She has invited everyone to pray, all united, with greater intensity the Time Out for peace in the world, asking that new conflicts are avoided. Maria Voce visited the Focolare community in Korea in 2010. She was struck by their characteristic commitment to build, through dialogue, relationships of fraternity in all day to day situations everywhere: ‘a contribution to a solution of peace in the many hotspots in the world.’

Sok in Kim and Won Ju Moon write that the  moment of the Time Out is being lived with great intensity by everyone, ‘entrusting to God all the countries where there is warfare and especially our own land.’

The Focolare has been present in Korea since the 60s, and the first focolare house was opened in 1969. The Movement’s community is made up of people of every age and vocation. Especially significant for them have been political and economic initiatives and their commitment in interfaith dialogue.

A comment in Italian on the Korean crisis can be found in Città Nuova online in an interview with Paquale Ferrara, an international relations expert.

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