Children and the Gospel

«Many of my companions at school ask to borrow my sharpener as it’s a good one that sharpens pencils well. I always lend it but one morning they had asked me many times. So when another companion asked me again I said “NO!” quite strongly. He returned to his place quite sad and in that instant I remembered: “But Jesus is present even in him. I can’t refuse him!”. I called him back and gave him my sharpener with a big smile. He was happy and I too felt a joy within me.

In the evening, I along with my father and brother were watching a football match sitting on a sofa. My mother entered and said: “Don’t any of you care about me.  I’ve just come home  from work and I have to get dinner ready. Now, who’s going to help me set the table!?”

I wanted to watch the game but I thought: “I need to love Jesus even in my mum!” I got up and went to the kitchen to set the table. I made my mother happy and then our team won 4-0!!! ».

(E.M. 8 years old, Italy)

«We kids like to collect and play with cards of games like Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and of football players. We carry them with us to school. I have 83 of them and some are rare. One day I was returning home with the school bus and I took out my Yu-gi-oh cards. One of my friends Lorenzo asked me to gift him a super rare card called Steelswarm Moth. At first I didn’t want to because it was really important to me. But then I gave it to him to do an act of love and he was overjoyed.»

(V.F. – 7 years, Italy)

«One day I returned home tired from the swimming pool. My mum asked me to tidy up my room and I didn’t feel like doing it just then as I wanted to rest. Then I thought that there’s Jesus also in my mum. I began to tidy the room and I felt so much joy in my heart that I didn’t get more tired.»

(L.A. – 8 years, Italy)

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