In Colombia working for a Better World

Colombia, together with its many natural riches, it is also a Country with serious social wounds among which is the great inequality between the few who are rich and the many who are poor,  numerous families who are forced to leave their homes and cities due to violence, thousands of cases of abuse of minors ….

The Fondazione Mundo Mejor (Better World Foundation), a non-profit organization, was born in Medellín in 1996 started by a group of people of the Focolare Movement who found the strength to face the social emergemcies around them from the  Charism of Unity. No one could remain indifferent in front of these realities, on the contrary, striving to live the spirituality of  Chiara Lubich, gave rise to concrete answers: diverse social projects that integrate action and reflection.

The program of child services, for example, offers complete education for vulnerable children from 2 to 5 years of age.

That of social integration offers assistance to the destitute, by trying to create alternatives and livelihood projects that will allow them to re-enter into the social fabric and into the workforce. The program of re-introduction into the world of work, with the offer of professional training and assistance there where they reside.

A program on human rights, where strategies to strengthen the exercise of the principal human rights of children and their families are developed.

At present the  Foundation has 155 employees, including nutritionists, psychologists, teachers and administrative personnel, looking after the welfare of around 2,000 children and 400 homeless.

Steve Carty and his wife – Peruvian and with two children  – have dedicated themselves to work full-time in this educational-social project. “Our challenge goes beyond activism –Steve underlined – because we have understood that the first big social revolution is born in the heart of every person”.

Today the Foundazione Mundo Mejor (Better World Foundation) is an institution that is recognized as a valid voice in the fields of politics, art, social works and sports; it is the partner of other organization that have chosen it for its transparency and attention for the other, in the spirit of fraternity.

It has received important recognitions from the Town Council of Medellin, from the regional authorities and from the Senate of the Republic of Colombia. Recently, they have signed an agreement with the Club UNESCO Heritage, with headquarters in Valencia, Spain.

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