In Search of a Divine Harmony

«Our earthly experience continually unfolds in relationship with others. When you come into contact with children, a light is unleashed from their eyes, which has its source in other constellations. So too when servants of humanity who live solely by their ideals, or labourers of every class who are enlivened by their sense of justice draw near – an atmosphere is unleashed that comes from somewhere above and beyond the material world.

Perhaps human nature unconsciously searches for Divine life. It just has to find it, and this requires searching. Search and you will find. Human life – with its virtue and blows, weariness and glad moments and experiences of every sort – is in itself a search for that good which we call God (even though we may not realize it.)

However, if we open our sight and take advantage of events in life to peer into the mystery of life, then we will find an explanation and peace in God. The way God reveals himself to the soul resembles the way parents educate a child with caresses and admonishments amid smiles and tears.

This is how it is with the Eternal Father. Intimacy with him grows as the purification grows. You feel closer to him inasmuch as you love him. The Lord says: “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God” (Mt 5:8). Purity of heart is the condition attached to the love that sees God.

People with such love are able to perceive the flow which gives life to the soul and conveys both poetry and art, knowledge and health, victory over evil, longing for affection, awareness of a vitality that is wider than the galaxies. Perhaps we don’t realize it but this is almost the breath of the Lord that raises molecules and planets, thoughts and feeling. It is the joy that breathes in the child and the peace in the old woman or man.

Someone with a pure heart is carried along by love as if by a current that endlessly draws everyone in. God takes everyone, wants everyone because everyone is a member of his generation. It’s a matter of ousting the obstacles, which are quickly removed if we love one another. By this the world will know that you are my disciples if you love one another – the requirement that Beethoven liked most because it seemed to be the most basic simplification of the Divine harmony of the universe. Of course, disagreements are always surfacing between people, but Christ teaches harmony. He asks us to stop the spiral of offences and revenge and reset the circuit of communion through forgiveness. Giving forgiveness to the people who have done us wrong is giving what is good, it is giving a gift to God who loves us. This means that living is loving, and that loving is understanding».

Igino Giordani in L’unico amore, Città Nuova, 1974


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