Instruments of His love

New music among us

“When I came to know the Gospel, I understood that I had to love. Where do I start? From my music teacher. who I couldn’t stand. In class I have repeatedly expressed what I thought about her  and because of this she had repeatedly called my mother and complained to her about me. One day, after the lesson, I asked to speak to her. Thinking that I was going to argue with her about the grade she gave me, she refused to see me.  I answered that I only wanted to ask for forgiveness and that I have understood that in life we have to try to love everyone. Even if in the beginning she misunderstood me, I continued to tell her about me, of my new relationship with God, even if I knew that she was a non-believer. Our talk continued and I was truly happy. From then on we have established a good relationship and I am discovering in her many positive things that I never imagined before”. (Veronica, Czech Republic)

The beauty of going against the current

“I work in a beauty parlour, with other hairdressers and stylists. The parlour is always full of numerous clients. There are a lot of conversations going on and sometimes one can also hear complaints or discussions. Even here I try to live what I have learned from the Gospel, I help a co-worker who is doing a heavy job all by herself, I hold the hairdryer for another. When it becomes too hot, I prepare something to drink for all the staff. Sometimes some rich ladies would come in accompanied by their maid, and they leave them outside in the heat. So I invite them to come inside and wait in a cool corner and offer them something to drink. Once in awhile someone looks at me curiously, because no one ever does this in the parlour. But the Gospel gives me the courage to go against the current. Then I see that no one has ever complained about me. Silent love does not disturb anyone”. (Razia, Pakistan)

Social Ice Cream

“Ice cream to socialize: last year everyone liked this formula! All the residents of our street were reunited around an ice cream. This year we said: why not extend the initiative to all the families around? In our neighborhood there are families coming from other countries. We are always so busy and in a hurry. But it would take so little to get to know each other, to exchange a greeting, to build a neighborly relationship.

As we were personally inviting each family, knocking from house to house, we could feel in the air the desire to get to know one another. On that evening gathering which was held in the open air on our street, more than seventy people of all ages came. Aside from the ice cream, each one brought something to share, in an atmosphere of friendship, as music played in the background, which were chosen from the melodies of the various ethnic groups pf the participants.

From then on, along the street or in the shops we greet one another with affection and knowing smiles. We know each other better, sharing news, whether beautiful or less so. One of our neighbors, when he came to know that some families needed furniture, gave them his dining set, which was still in very good condition. All it took was an ice cream to create a small community”.  (Vince and Maria, Canada)

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