Easter: Rising to new life by loving our neighbour

The resurrection of Christ, who makes us sharers in his life, obliges us never to despair. It gives us the secret to pick ourselves up again after every fall; it is the sacred, visible, sign, of our resurrection. Ours is a religion of life: the only one in which death is victorious, and if we want it, permanently banned. Lent was – or should have been – an examination of conscience, through which we could contemplate the negative things that buzz around deep down in our souls and in our society. Many of us live a Christianity which has become routine, without thrills or surges, like a sail when there is no wind.

The resurrection of Christ has to be a reason for the rebirth of our faith, hope and love, victory of our deeds over our negative tendencies. Easter teaches us to overcome evil in order to be reborn. Each of us born afresh, united in affection with our neighbour, and every people working in harmony with other peoples. In divine grace there is the strength to remove every form of evil.

Jesus prayed, “… that they may all be one”. Love culminates in unity, and even politics as an effort that unifies is love in action, Christianity being practiced. And love is the solution to suffering and death. Where there is love there are no masters and tyrants, there are brothers who communicate goods of time and eternity with one another. So let’s love one another, replacing any hostility by seeking our brother, to help us to live. In this way we will rise again.

Igino Giordani: Le Feste , Turin International Publishing Company, 1954

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