“God is always with us”

The Lord is great!
One day, as I was on my way to work, I met a lady on the train whom I knew by sight because she went to the same church as mine. We greeted one another and started a conversation. She said: “I see that you are married. Do you have children?”. “I answered yes, that I have two very beautiful girls of whom I am very proud of. When it was my turn to ask her about her children, she burst into tears in front of all the passengers, much to my great embarrassment. I asked for pardon, at which point she started to share her situation with me: “Yesterday, after examining the results of the analysis, my gynecologist told me that I could never become a mother. For me, being married for nine years already, this is a very great suffering”. I listened to her with great empathy, then I encouraged her not to lose hope but to continue to have faith in God. I said that I would pray for her too. Three weeks later, I saw the same lady after Mass: she was radiant, as she waited for me to share the beautiful news: “I am three weeks pregnant. The Lord is great!”. After nine months Emanuel was born, a beautiful baby boy.
W.U. – Rome

Translation work
I needed money and I was able to find a job: doing translations. One day a friend confided in me that she was passing through a difficult moment financially. So I offered to share the work that I was doing with her. On the same day I was offered another job that would allow me to earn double of what I had shared with my friend.
E. M. – Azores

The classmate
One day, my classmate started to throw his books and notebooks in the air, cursing God: “Why aren’t you there when I need you? What are you doing up there?”. I didn’t understand why he was doing this, until I learned that his mother had to undergo an operation for cancer. I stayed near him, sharing this great suffering of his, and finally, together, we asked Jesus that the operation would go well. Our other classmates prayed with us too. Our class was transformed: this episode made us more united. The operation went well and we all thanked God.
J.S. – Germany


  • Grazie che ogni mese ci offrite queste preziose esperenze sulla Parola di Vita. mi incoraggiano, ci incoraggiano a vivere la Parola del mese sentendomi insieme.

  • Dio sia benedetto!!! sempre lodato e ringraziato.
    Lui opera sempre quando Lui lo ritiene opportuno e quando chiediamo gli uni per gli altri…
    Ciao! e grazie delle vostre esperienze.
    Forse un giorno, alla fine, vi racconterò la mia.

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