The Gospel lived within the family

Years ago my mother and her siblings sold a property, One of my uncles, dissatisfied with his share, opposed the sale of a remaining building in ruins, cutting of relationships with everyone.  I thought that this quarrel for four stones was absurd, so my mother and I went to pay him a visit, bringing as a gift a book on the family history with positive experiences. With this quarrelsome uncle, it was just a matter of listening to his side of things, and understanding the reasons for his bitterness. To my surprise, he offered to accompany us by car to the bus station, and on saying goodbye, embraced me and his sister whom he had not greeted earlier on. M. F. L. – Italy

She wouldn’t have been born
Her parents and friends were pushing for an abortion. But she, an unwed mother, relying on the fact that she could count on us, stood her ground and gave birth to Maria, a sweet but fragile baby. For five months she entrusted the baby to us in order to complete her studies abroad. At times we asked ourselves if we had done the right thing: with none of our children had we ever woken up so many times in the night, and none of them had ever gotten sick like Maria. But then, a thought crossed our minds: without our help Maria would not even have been born, and who knows where her mother would have ended up. When she returned, her family took her in. A year later she got married and now has three children. F. Z.- Czech Republic

For about ten years now I have been living with my dad and the development of his illness. In place of a shopkeeper, his sharp remarks with everyone and the proud grandpa of his children, there was now a person who depended on others for all his needs. After the initial rebellion on my part, and my negative view of the situation, I realised that this illness had started up a solidarity campaign among many people. In fact people came to keep my mother company, and our relatives were more attentive and willing to help. And then, the Filipino caregiver who had good relations with everyone and was considered one of the family, once separated from her husband, came to assist dad and which gave her the means to support her three kids. N. B.- Italy

A golden thread
Our children had just finished high school when my husband fell gravely ill, despite the fact that he was as strong as a rock. The Calvary began, with hospital stays and many weakening operations. Since God was our only means of support, Michele and I prepared ourselves for our final separation which was imminent. In a very special moment between us, while his disease tormented him, he would encourage me: «You are a wonderful woman. Our children are lucky to have a mother like you.» And on giving me back his wedding ring, added: «I love you, I will always love you. I will help you more when I shall no longer be on earth.» When Michele died it was as if he had taken us along with him, and at the same time we feel his presence here as never before. A golden thread unites heaven and earth. L. S.- Italy

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