Giordani and the family

giordani_famiglia_int«The fundamental role of the family is to grow and multiply: give a boost to life, cooperate in the creative work of the Creator. Its unity is not interrupted but extended in its progeny, in whom the love between two spouses is incarnated. Unity becomes a person: father, mother and child make up a life in the image and resemblance, in some way, of the divinity that created and vivifies them. These are three points from which the cycle of love alone originates and is nurtured by God’s love. »(Giordani, 1942)

By tracing the divine profile of the family, in a sense Giordani anticipated what the documents of Vatican II would declare upon underlining the privilege of the spouses in «cooperating in the creative work of the Creator,» and also in considering the family as a reflection of the life of the Trinity from which it inherits its design. In the 1980s this doctrine, so dear to St. John Paul II, would have become the basis of his historical catechesis on human love.

Last 23 June, the Synod’s preparatory Commission diffused the Instrumentum Laboris, on which the Synod fathers would have to reflect next October, in order to propose to the Holy Father the possible solutions to be implemented in favour of the families. Focusing on the vocation and mission of the family, this document starts with an overview of the many problems besetting the family today and the serious cultural and social challenges undermining it. But the awareness of such critical factors has not only been felt in recent times. In1975 a letter of the Episcopacy of Quebec conveyed an alarming analysis to this regard. Giordani was so struck by it as to cite some passages of the letter at a certain point in his writings, in order to offer to families its luminous and prominent message:

«The difficulties in life do not crush a family that is rooted in God while in too many cases,they destroy those that are established only on money. The strength of a family lies in the union of the couple, but union is the fruit of love. It is thus to their earthly and heavenly interest to love one another, and take the trials, sufferings and disillusions as a way of sanctifying themselves. Marriage not only unites the spouses to one another, but as father and mother, they are united to God. This unity in God, of man and woman, of parents and progeny, is the most profound sense of marriage and the family.» (Giordani, 1975)

Prepared by the Igino Giordani Centre

Excerpts from: Igino Giordani, Famiglia comunità d’amore, New City, Rome 2001 and Igino Giordani, La società cristiana, New City, Rome, 2010

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