For living the Gospel

sbarre (350 x 233)In the waiting room – “Our son and his friend were jailed for drug dealing.  During the long waits before visitations with inmate relatives, we got to know a young foreigner with a sad face. For three years she had to travel a great distance on foot, to be able to visit her friend regularly, who was in jail. When she heard that she could count on us in the future to give her a ride in our car, she finally smiled and couldn’t thank us enough.  On the following visit, to lighten the wait especially for the small children who had come with their mothers, we brought along some toys, sweets and fruit. When he learned what was happening in the waiting room where there was a more serene atmosphere, we saw a positive change in our son’s relationship with us.” (Italy)

Pardon – “I had gone to live with a colleague, leaving behind my wife and four children. While the eldest of my children took it badly and left the house, my wife and the other three began to ask God for the grace of my return. Little by little I found the strength to leave the other woman; to avoid seeing her at work (since we work in the same company), I also left my job. I returned to my family, unemployed until I was able to find a very simple job. Living humility was good for me. I thank God for the support I received from other families and especially for the forgiveness I received from my wife and my children with whom I have begun a new path.” (USA)

On the phone – “Years ago my wife died at the age of 23 in an automobile accident. Since that day I felt a subtle bitterness towards the friend who had been driving and remained uninjured. I held him responsible for that death. He’s now married with children. With trembling hands I dialled his telephone number. His wife answered surprised and embarrassed when I told her it was me. I opened my heart to her: ‘I’ve been thinking about all of you for the past few days. I wanted to see you, to know your children. . . I’d be so happy if you’d come and visit me.” She was overcome with emotion and promised me they would visit. . . I found myself feeling so happy and light.  (Switzerland)

The numbers do add up – “A mother of five children with health problems, drugs and alcoholism, life choices that have led to irregular families, amidst tension and fights, now I’m a widow. Alone, in the face of problems liberty1 (350 x 263)that people could never even imagine, since I look so calm. I should say that I’m helped by my character, but I was able to react to certain situations thanks especially to the gift of faith and the support of friends. Now I’m living on my pension, but I manage just the same to help some needy people every month. At times I would like to say ‘no more’. Indeed it was be easy to put something aside for when I’m old. But it’s more powerful than me. And I see that Divine Providence continues to arrive right on time every time, and the numbers do add up.” (Italy)


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