Portugal: “High resolution – Rule of fire for peace.”

Promoted by the Youth for a United World, High resolution – Rule of fire for Peace” will be a dedicated peace day.

This event began in Portugal in 2002, and since then has been held on 1 May biannually. It has always involved thousands of Portuguese youths, and also those of various nationalities.

In 2016,high resolution” invites the youth to become protagonists of fraternity and builders of peace without compromises. Through music, choreographies, testimonials and Expo events, they will present the actions that have been launched, with the aim of furnishing concrete answers and giving suggestions on how to proceed in this direction.

This year, the programme will also include various workshops that will discuss the theme of peace in various fields such as ecology, art, intercultural dialogue, economy, sports, communication, science and technology.

This day is part of the international United World Project that targets universal brotherhood as the paradigm of human relationships, promoting the identification, preparation and dissemination of actions that have already started at global level, in favour of fraternity.

Invitation for 1 May 2016


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