Peace in Syria is possible

Syrian artist, Tammam Azzam’s artwork for Caritas ‘Syria: Peace is Possible’ campaign

Syrian artist, Tammam Azzam’s artwork for Caritas ‘Syria: Peace is Possible’ campaign

A mass mobilization, a campaign to push the entire world to take action. It is the objective of #PeacePossible4Syria, the project launched by Caritas Internationalis and which involves all the countries where the organization is present. «It’s not a campaign against anything, but one in favour of peace,. though we denounce, of course, the sale of arms,» said Rosette Hechaime, a Lebanese and coordinator of Caritas in the Middle East.

«Syria’s situation is very dear to the Holy Father, and many times, when we met him, he urged us to raise our voices to silence the arms. In fact, Caritas is one of the biggest agencies responding to this humanitarian crisis going on for five years now. We gather and divulge the stories of those leaving and remaining through the social network, so as not to stop believing that peace in Syria is possible.»

On the site you may consult all the material available to follow the campaign and divulge it in turn.  «Since the war in Syria has already caused 4.8 million refugees to go abroad and 6.5 million to move within the country, it seems that too much is too much,» Rosette concluded.


In his message Pope Francis did not stop urging all: «Let us join forces at all levels, so peace can become a reality in Syria.» ֿ

Also the 230 people here from various cities of the country, are part of those who responded to his appeal and gathered in Al Btar (the mountains along the Syrian coast) from 5 to 10 July to live the “Mariapolis – the City of Mary,” which is «a real gift of God amidst so much violence.»  Due to the unstable situation which prevented them from seeing one another for five years, all were filled with joy in meeting again after all that time. The title chosen for this event was, “We have long awaited this return.” The Focolare of Damascus and Aleppo wrote: «In the mornings the programme was intense, while in the afternoons and evenings it was more relaxing and a big help for the participants who, through the reflections of priests and religious experts, were able to confront their own selves, and review their personal relationships with God, their manner of praying, and their relationships with others.

«We departed with Heaven in our hearts, to bring it to wherever we are and where the situation was still hellish,» one of the participants commented. «For those coming from outside it seemed like a real miracle – recounted M. Grazia, Italian, who has been for some months now in the Focolare in Damascus – where war is raging. I am struck by the people’s integrity, and not only that of the numerous youth: peaceful people who dream of and desire peace.  Many have lost hope, and ask themselves: is it a utopia to believe in unity? Is peace an impossible dream? However, they continue to believe in God despite everything, though this question is a real personal issue for each of them. The Mariapolis was a breath of fresh air amid this reality, dotted with very strong experiences: there were those whose brothers had been abducted, and who lost all they had in one day, had no news of their relatives, had broken families, and were subjected to curtailed water and light at a temperature of 40°, not knowing whether there would be another day, and living in absolute uncertainty.»

At the end, the 230 sent greetings that travelled the globe. They were aware that they were not alone but part of a big family, urged on by the Pope in his message to incarnate this Word of God: «I, in fact, know the plans I drew out for you – said the Lord – plans of peace and not of misfortunes, to grant you a future full of hope.» (Jeremiah 29,11)».


[Arabic, with subtitles in Italian]



Maria Chiara De Lorenzo



  • Thank you for this very beautiful video and all the love it brings us. As we prepare for our Mariapolis in Liverpool, England, starting in two days, we are united in the same reality of building peace on earth. You give us a fantastic witness, living proof that love is stronger than death. Your singing, your smiles give me me fresh hope that a united world is possible. Grazie!

  • What a moving video ! Notwithstanding the war the Mariapolis was made possible to those many Syrians suffering from the effects of war. What a gift to those who were present . To find rest in a war torn country. With live nothing is impossible. It encouraged me to pray and live for peace especially in Syria. From USA.

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