The Gospel in action: the force of small gestures

Pdv luglio 2 internaAccepting others
“The Town Hall of my city was instituting a special service for the immigrants. I felt the urge to offer my help for this new service. I tried to find out who had answered to this project in my condominium. Upon meeting various families I realized how much people disliked non-EU nationals. At work many colleagues were irked by the presence of immigrants who are regarded only as competitors for jobs and housing. At first I spoke to my colleagues, trying to stress the importance of accepting those who were different, and it appeared to be of no avail. But slowly I saw that both they and the inhabitants of my condominium, started to take on a “softer” attitude.” (E. M. – Italy)

The start of a new faith
“I recall that I had just arrived at work when a brutal air raid began. I went with my colleagues to take shelter underground, with an ear to the radio to catch some news. That was how I got to know that also the district where my husband works had been bombed. I felt sick and was about to faint. In that moment I started thinking: «God you are now asking me to renew my faith in you.» I entrusted my children, husband, and parents to him, asking him to help us not to stray from him. Above all I asked him that should the children find themselves orphans, they would encounter in their path people who would guide them towards him. It was an unforgettable heart-to-heart dialogue with God. From that moment on, I have continued my life with faith and infinite gratitude.” (H. S. – Lebanon)

“One day the owner of the building where I live decided to eliminate all the antennas on the roof, probably for the sake of aesthetics. However, a warring atmosphere brewed in the housing block. How would we have ever won against “Goliath?” The Gospel urged me to try the strategy of humility. Since the doorman was absent for health reasons, the cleaning of the stairs and the entrance was really scarce. Given that the other tenants would never have even dreamt of cleaning their own landings, I took the initiative and started cleaning the stairs right down to the sidewalk. I did it with joy and commitment. That same evening, the owner rang my doorbell and very courteously offered to fix my TV antenna. Surprised and wordless, I took advantage of his good intentions to ask him to install also the other antennas. In the end, all the antennas returned in place. From that moment on, my relationship with my neighbours changed. In addition, they take turns in cleaning the stairs.” (B. M. – France)

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