Fragments of Wisdom

Fragments of WisdomThis third book of Chiara Lubich was first published in 1963. Since then it has been reprinted a number of times and translated into many languages. In these pages, the author offers us true “fragments of wisdom” distilled from her unique spiritual adventure. Each reflection, a limpid expression of spirituality for today, goes straight to the heart and, if read with the eyes of love, draws us back to the essentials. As the author says, “It is important to build our lives on the one thing necessary and allow everything else to fall away. This ‘one thing necessary’ is the love of God.”

“Unity” is an underlying theme of this collection. The author clearly recognizes this as one of the signs of the times. Because of her absolute faith in the words of Jesus, she reveals a prophetic certainty that God will fulfill his promise of unity how and when he chooses. The theme of suffering, intimately linked to that of unity, runs through many of the extracts. This is a reality often denied and yet of fundamental importance for human and spiritual maturity: “The diameter of the foliage of a tree often corresponds to the diameter of its roots. Our heart opens up to Christ’s love according to how much we have suffered and offered for him.”

To sum up, this book is truly a treasure chest of “fragments of wisdom” that can speak to the heart and enlighten the mind.

Translated by Margaret Linard (Australia)

Available from New City Press (NY)

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