Chiara Lubich: “I have only one Spouse on earth”

ChiaraLubichDuring the summer of 1949 Chiara Lubich, who was 29 years old at the time, had an experience of light and life. Leaving that “paradise” up in the mountains was very difficult, but she understood that God wanted her to be immersed in the sufferings of humanity “drying up the waters of tribulation” in those who suffer the most.  There and then she wrote these words:

“I have only one Spouse on earth: Jesus Forsaken.
I have no other God but Him.
In Him there is the whole of Paradise with the Trinity
and the whole of the earth with Humanity.
Therefore what is His is mine, and nothing else.
And His is universal Pain, and therefore mine.

I will go through the world seeking Him in every instant of my life.

What hurts me is mine.

Mine the pain that grazes me in the present. Mine the pain of the souls beside me (that is my Jesus). Mine all that is not peace, joy, beautiful, lovable, serene… in a word, what is not Paradise. Because I too have my Paradise, but is that in my Spouse’s heart.

I know no other.

So it will be for the years I have left: athirst for pain, for anguish, for despair, for sadness, for separation, for exile, for forsakenness, for torment, for… all that is Him, and He is Sin, Hell.

In this way I will dry up the waters of tribulation in many hearts nearby and, through communion with my almighty Spouse, in many far away.

I shall pass as a Fire that consumes all that must fall and leaves standing only the Truth.
But it is necessary to be like Him: to be Him in the present moment of life.”

From: Chiara Lubich, The Cry, Ed. New City London (pp. 61-2)


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