Chiara Lubich Prize 2017

In this competition – promoted by the “Cities for Fraternity” Association – all local administrations from any part of the world may participate.

Projects and initiatives can compete if:

–       they institute and/or spread, principally within the local territory, but also on a national or international level, practices of universal brotherhood, according to the diverse  interpretations of the meaning of such a principle;

–       they stimulate the citizens to commit themselves for the common good and to participate in the life of civil society,

–       they encourage the growth of a culture of active and inclusive citizenry.

The project must be representative of a style of administration that is not occasional and always  more aware of the value of the principle of universal brotherhood.

On the side of the public adminitrations and other social, economic, cultural subjects, it is possible both to become candidates, and also to nominate the projects of others.

All the recommendations must be sent on or before January 10, 2017 , to the office of the Chairman of the “Cities for Fraternity” Association, c/oTown Council of Castel Gandolfo, Piazza Libertà, 7 00040 Castel Gandolfo (Rome).

Download fact sheet (in Italian)


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