Word of Life. The Joy of Forgiveness

20161028 perdono In jail
“I had some problems with this guy and both of us ended up in jail. We were enemies and there was no room for any understanding between us. But when I learned a bit more about Jesus’s teaching on love, I thought about this ‘enemy’ of mine. How could I love him? The thought came to my mind that I could share some of the food that my family brings to me, because none of his family members ever brought food to him. We’re good friends now. Another experience regards the only food container I owned. It was stolen from me and I knew who did it. I went to that person, but he refused to give it back. I didn’t know what to do. I went back to my cell and read the Gospel which is always my point of reference now. I came across the New Commandment. There’s the answer! Right away with all my heart I decided to never think about that food container again. Loving is more important.”  (D. J. – Nigeria)

The Coffee Maker
“We all use the coffee maker at work, but no one ever cleans it and sets it up again. They’re used to having me do that. One day one of my colleagues approached me after a cup of coffee. She asked why I was always so benevolent towards others. I told her it wasn’t so much trouble and that I was the only one who could do it for them. She answered: ‘You’re telling me something important. I always complain that my husband leaves a mess after himself and I should rather begin to do what he doesn’t.’ From then on there was a higher atmosphere at work.” (R. C. – Spain)

That son we didn’t know
“We were always able to talk and offer moral support to our first son. But with his brother who had a strong character it had always been difficult. Having a teenage boy who didn’t want to communicate created a bad feeling in all of us. Then, he didn’t try at school and teachers were always complaining. My husband and I looked for a common way for us to reach our son. We encouraged each other in loving him as he was, always highlighting his positive qualities even though he seemed like someone we didn’t know. Meanwhile we continued to pray and to knock on Heaven’s door so that God might guide us in the difficult task of parenting. Then came an idea: change school. It worked! Ever since then our son has changed in a positive way. He’s always willing to help out in the house. He’s doing quite well in school and has gone back to church. We’re all enjoying a breath of fresh air.”
(B.S. – Switzerland)


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