Living the Gospel: Working hand in hand with God

foto pdv20161120I thought I knew everything
“As a priest, I thought I knew how to judge everything. One day I was invited to celebrate Mass at a retreat of some committed young people. During the rites they explicitly made a pact to be ready to give their lives for each other. I was shocked! Would I have been able to do such a thing? All that I knew it seemed, although not useless, was insufficient to be a true Christian. How many things were neglected in the name of studies? How many omissions were justified with some effort I thought was important! Those young people have changed my life.” (RP – France)

Before the offering
“After moving into the new village, the friendship that was born with a family in the neighbourhood greatly helped us to insert ourselves into the new environment, even helping the children get to school. There was mutual esteem.The children of that family called us uncle and auntie and so did our children also address them that way. Unfortunately, in time the relationship became a bit strained and the children of these neighbours began to greet us with a formal “Good morning”. It could not go on like this also because we belonged to the same parish. One Sunday at Mass, the Gospel passage reminded us that before making an offering at the altar, it would be well to reconcile oneself with the brother. My wife and I looked at each other and we decided to act accordingly. After Mass, we approached those neighbours and asked their forgiveness if we had offended them in some way. After a moment of awkwardness, we hugged each other.”   (AT – Hungary)

She was another person
“In the hospital where I work as a gynecologist, a woman known as a prostitute was admitted. Other patients and even some nurses tried to avoid her. Noticing her isolation, I gave her particular attention and this encouraged others to also talk to her and give her some help. The same sad story of her life attracted attention and benevolence. In just a few days, she already seemed another person. When she was discharged from the hospital, she thanked me saying, “True healing is not physical. Life starts again in another way.” (MS – Poland)

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