Easter 2017: Come, Lord Jesus!


“Come, Lord Jesus”!

Looking at you, our vocation to love will know no fear.
Awaiting your coming, we will build this life well and, as soon as the next life opens up before us, we will plunge into the adventure that knows no end.
You have conquered death and, in this our prayer, we feel you have conquered death in us too, in our hearts.
“Come Lord Jesus!” always, in all of us.
There will not be death, but you.
There will be the Risen Lord; and this is already Easter.

Best wishes to you all for a glorious, uninterrupted Easter, one that is fruitful,
indeed very fruitful, for us, for the Church and for the world.

Chiara Lubich

C.LUBICH, Cercando le cose di lassù, Rome 1992, p.136.


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