Gospel living: in life’s dire straits

Better work
“After an accident I lost a good job, and my wife’s salary was not enough for my family to get ahead. Yet Providence did not forget us, helping us to find small bits of work just at the right times so we could pull ourselves up. In the evening, together with the children, we prayed for help – not just for ourselves, but for all those in need. Six months after the accident, just when the economy in our country took a critical turn, I found a job that was better than the one I lost.” J. L. – Uruguay

The next room
“I was in the hospital, lying in darkness because of my health and the medicine I was taking. I didn’t know what to do to get out of it. I heard a bell ringing; someone in the next room was calling the nurse. I got up to see if I could lend a hand. All that was needed was to give someone some water. I stopped beside his bed, showing interest in his life and trying to listen deeply to his words. I don’t know how, but suddenly I felt lighter.” T. d. M. – Italy

An unexpected gift
“Having been married for 50 years, we have lived through – as Ecclesiastes says – times of joy and pain. One evening, in particularly tight circumstances, we were counting how much money we had left and pondering what we could buy to give the children something to eat. In that moment a friend called – he wanted to pass by after having received two turkeys as a gift to give us one. It’s so true that we have a Father in heaven who never abandons us.” T. e R. – Poland

Change of plan
“I travel often for work, so I have to make a detailed schedule of what I’m doing, while staying ready to change my plans. I was surprised, in fact, when I realized that something unexpected, if it’s taken from the hands of God, becomes something better than what I had planned myself. This “making space for God” is not just for when I travel, but in many other circumstances, and it is a true lesson on staying vigilant. Seeing the beautry of God’s plans, even if it costs me to lose mine, I have to say that the “invisible director” knows how to point the way to my true fulfilment, my true happiness.” T.M. – Poland

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