SMU 2017: the world from another angle

If we could look at the world from a distance with a powerful zoom lens, the way that astronauts do, we would see our planet in peace and even without frontiers. At a close distance instead, the images available transmit details of all sorts of divisions, hatred and abuse. At times, the risk of observing our history and our planet from too far or too near is that reality can be distorted and judgments decoyed.

So as not to lose sight of the direction humanity is moving towards, what should the right distance be? Upon questioning themselves on the transformations of the contemporary era, the fields of economy, sociology, natural sciences, and philosophy all converge on some principles, like interdependence – what comes about in one place may have consequences elsewhere. Each fragment or portion of humanity reveals its greatest potential in belonging to a common destiny. We will not save ourselves alone, nor can we be satisfied to be enclosed within a shell, if all around there is diffused suffering.

«The world should convince itself that it is called to unity» was the challenge that Chiara Lubich launched to the Youths for a United World in 1985. For more than 20 years the youths for a united world have nurtured themselves with this vision of the common good, and work to make it a reality.

Attracted by the infinite possibilities for fraternity, the possible sole destiny for history and contemporary humanity, hundreds of youths of various nationalities are on their way to Loppiano (Italy). Their initiatives at planetary level, will converge in the United World Week which since 1995, has been a showcase of the actions for fraternity underway throughout the world. These are actions that in turn merge into the United World Project with the objective of calling the attention of civil society and the international institutions to a culture of fraternity.

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