News From Atlanta

After Hurricane Irma’s passage over the Caribbean where it caused death and destruction, the violent storm hit Florida, which has been declared in a state of emergency. More than 5.8 million people have been left without electricity, running water or internet. Five deaths have been confirmed. It has now weakened to a category 1 hurricane, with 136 kilometer winds, and is now heading towards Atlanta, Georgia. The local Focolare community writes: “We’re in constant contact with our community in Florida. Many have had to leave their homes and find safe places to stay. They tell us that they are trying to help people who are all alone, neighbors and parents and relatives living outside the country, and the same goes for the communities on the islands. The weakening hurricane is expected to arrive in Atlanta on Monday or Tuesday with a lot of rain and strong wind. We are seeing God’s love in all of this and experiencing how much we’re all brothers and sisters, thanks to this crisis. We’re finding that we can help each other, beyond the social divisions that are quite secondary now.”

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