The Mysticism of Fire in Catherine and Chiara

lamisticadelfuocoOn the 30th anniversary of the conferral of the St Catherine of Siena Silver Medal to Chiara Lubich, the Community of the Dominican Fathers of Siena, Italy, will hold a gathering in collaboration with the International Catherinite Association and the Focolare, in the Focolare town founded by Chiara Lubich in 1964. The event was titled: “The Myticism of Fire in Catherine and Chiara”.

Presenters included Dr Piero Coda, president of Sophia University, Sister Elana Ascoli O.P. from the International Catherinite Association and  Father Alfredo Scarciglia O.P. , Moderator and Prior of the Convent of St Dominic of Siena and ecclesiastical assistant of the Catherinites.

A message from Maria Voce, president of the Focolare Movement, will also be read.

During the gathering a DVD recording of the conferral of the St Catherine Badge to Chiara Lubich will be shown, and actress paola Lambardi will read some writings of St Catherine.


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