Living the Gospel: “May you have the same sentiments as Jesus”

Detached wires
“In the first months of our marriage, dialogue between my husband and me was often interrupted due to the diversity of our opinions. A times, after rather harsh verbal clashes we would reach a total silence also for days. Returning from work for  lunch the short break was occupied by the news on TV which Gaetano listened to with passion. One day, confiding in God’s help, I decided to send him a clear message: I returned home early from school and prepared a delicious lunch. The table was prettier than ever with flowers and a lit candle. Then I pulled out all the wires of the TV. Upon arriving Gaetano was amazed and asked me if there was some anniversary to celebrate. We sat down at the table and as always, he tried to turn on the TV but immediately saw that it had nothing to do with a fault. Laughing he hugged me, begging forgiveness, and together we promised to correct one another always out of love. That was an important moment of growth in our relationship.”  (Giulia – Italy)

In the kitchen
«During my shift in the kitchen, I couldn’t stand my co-friars who would taste all that I was cooking upon passing by. Every time I became increasingly defensive so they would not touch anything. One day, upon reading the phrase of the Gospel about the speck in the other’s eye and not seeing the log in your own, I realized that the judgment I had of my co-friars was hindering me from loving them. Since then every time someone passed in the kitchen, I would invite him to taste my cooking and ask his advice on whether, for example, I had to add more salt and so on. Since then the atmosphere in the monastery has changed.” (Fr. Krzysztof – Poland)

1822414_960_720-01To love means taking risks
«Some time ago an illiterate 15-year-old boy, already initiated in the activity of theft, started to frequent our home. Many had advised us to be careful in letting him in and to consider if it would not be better to help him but keep him at a distance. We were, however, convinced that Jesus was in him and that we had to love concretely, also to the point of taking a risk. Often that boy remained with us, went out with us and played with our children. After various months, the stealing instinct returned and he stole some money from us. After the first denials he admitted the fact and crying, begged for forgiveness, promising to return what he stole. But above all he became serene knowing that he could continue to count on our friendship and that if he ever needed money, all he had to do was ask. Now he no longer steals and has also found a job.” (D. L. – Italy)

Difficult colleague
“It seemed that a colleague had started picking on me, and whatever I did, he would go against it. For as long it had to do with small counteraction, I bore up with it. But at times, in the face of important commitments, he would go against everyone. Work had become unbearable. What could I do? The priest I spoke to advised me firstly to free myself from grudges and negative thoughts and try to see my colleague with new eyes. I tried it. Incredibly, at the next work meeting, he had become another person altogether! And evidently it not only depended on him.”  (F. L. – Serbia)

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